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What Makes Us Different?

When booking a lash appointment with ZZ lashes you can expect to leave with a beautiful set of lashes tailored to your preferred style and eye shape. Each of our technicians are highly skilled and have undergone extensive training to perfect their craft.

ZZ offers both mink and faux mink options for our guests. We carry only the highest quality professional - grade adhesives to ensure that your lashes will not only look good, but they will last!  


Eyelash Application Process


Step 1: Lash Check-up

Our technicians meet with every first-time guest for a complete lash health evaluation to assess the strength and condition of your eyelashes. Once we determine they are healthy enough to support eyelash extensions — and most of the time, they are — the real fun begins: selecting your lash style.

Step 2: Style Consultation

After our technicians evaluate your lash health, you and your technicians will discuss your lash style preferences along with which lash design is best suited for your eye shape. After this you'll be all set for the application to begin !

Step 3: Application Time

During your appointment, your stylist will use sealed tweezers that have been washed clean, soaked in a disinfectant solution, and then sanitized in a commercial UV sterilizer.

Step 4: All Done

Open your eyes and voilà! You and your new eyelashes are ready to dazzle. You can protect your new extensions by following your technicians simple aftercare instructions.