Spa & Store Policies


1. Clients can use a Voucher once in 6 months only.

2. Clients CANNOT use Vouchers from two separate companies within a 6 month period.

3. If you are a no show, your  Voucher will be redeemed the day of the service or a cancellation fee of $45 per service, per person will apply.

4. If you are late for your service, you will receive the remaining portion of your service time.

5. Same day cancellations or rescheduling is not allowed and you will be charged a $45 cancellation fee or your Voucher will be redeemed.

6. All unopened retail products that are returned will be issued a full refund.

7. Expired Vouchers will not be accepted and guest will be charged full price.

8. If a guest comes within a 6 month period after having used any Voucher, they will be charged full price.

9. Our Spa and Store polices are also displaced on our website. 

10. There are no refunds for Package Sales.